About Hisham Ghatasheh

I'm Hisham Ghatasheh, 21 years old guy from Jordan, studying Computer Science at Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

My World

Internet and Technology are my world; I had my first Computer in 2000 and started to learn about technology, had my first job in 2010 as a web developer with JSP, then started to learn and read more tutorial in web development. I'm not a professional programmer but I'm trying my best to be.

Iā€™m not the great social person but I love to know wonderful people in my life, friends are very important thing I can never live without.

Non-Profit Activity

Volunteering in a non-profit organization ā€œKHCF/KHCCā€ gave me a great experience in my life, to know how to be a leader and how to talk with different people and how to organize events and even more, I had the chance to meet great people and they change my life.


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