Connect your Android phone to ADB wireless

March 1, 2012
Important note: This application requires root permission!

1. Step: Download and install adbWireless application to your phone.


2. Step: (Unplug your phone from the computer.) Run the application, turn adbWirelss on, and notice the IP number.


3: Step: Open a prompt, and navigate to your Android SDK folder where the ADB is located (/tools or /platform-tools).
Then type: adb connect your IP:port
(It's the line, wich is given to you by the application)


4. Step: Enjoy! (Now you can connect your phone via USB for charging)

- No cable needed
- No vendor id settings or any other magic tricks needed
- It's free, and support any Android phone and version
- Easy sensor-application testing

- You need root permission


How to install GCC Compiler

March 18, 2011
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
$ gcc -v
$ make -v

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لماذا تغيّرطعمُ التفاح ؟؟

March 9, 2011

لمن يعرف عمان قبل 40 سنه أحلى
 ورائحة البامية تتسرب من شبابيك البيوت
 وساعة "الجوفيال"   في يد  الأب العجوز أغلى أجهزة البيت سعراً وأكثرها حداثة
 وحبات  المطر أكثر اكتنازاً بالماء
 ,,   زمان ,, كانت أخبار الثامنة أقلّ دموية  
وطريق "المصدار" أقل ازدحاماً بشاحنات الأثاث    
 كانت غمزة ...

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How to Rename Admin Account in Windows 7?

January 28, 2011
  • Open Run Dialog Box (Start > Run).
  • Write "secpol.msc" to open the Local Security Policy editor.
  • Navigate to the tree structure in the left pane, in Local Policies, expand it to Security Options.
  • In the right pane, there is a Policy Accounts: Rename administrator account, Double click over it.
  • Change the name of Admin account to the one you wish to have now.
  • Close the Local Security Policy window, Log off to save the changes.

Note that: this will not work on Windows 7 Home or Basic.

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